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This site is dedicated to the Solitary Practitioner who desires to study Wicca, learning the Craft and extending their knowledge of the Goddess and God in all their different forms. It is designed as a central meeting place to plan, discuss and perform different aspects of Wicca both on-line and in physical real settings in and around the Coeur d'Alene/Post Falls, Idaho area. Please check the "Announcements" page for times, locations and activities. Feel free to look through our site and use our information for constructive purposes. If you would like to talk with members on-line or make contributions to this site, you may become a member of the site, just click “To Join” and follow the instructions the site gives you.

As we are neither a Coven nor a formal class, there is no formal membership, no requirement to attend every physical Gathering and no fee. Those individuals who have been practicing as a Solitary Wiccan or Witch are invited. Those individuals who are new to the Craft and wish to learn are welcome. Those who we term as “Seekers,” an individual who is unsure of their Pagan path, are welcome.

PLEASE NOTE: Our beliefs and paths are our own. As we each walk individual paths, many of us have family, friends, neighbors and employers who do not understand or condone our private lives. We ask that when you meet us, be it on-line or in person, you keep our names and beliefs confidential and do not discuss us or our paths with others. Thank You!

Since each of us are Solitary Practitioners and extremely serious about our personal paths, we ask ALL who attend to keep in mind that we each come from different paths of learning and beliefs and all of these paths are valid. We ask that you come to Gatherings with an open mind and a willingness to actively listen and constructively share your thoughts. Activities/topics for the up-coming weeks are posted both on the weekly “Gathering Summary” and on the “Announcements" page so if there is topic/activity/event a member is uncomfortable with, we strongly encourage that they should stay home for that evening.

During the Spring, Summer and Fall months we frequently Gather at area parks. This means we will be in the public view, acting, in a sense, as ambassadors for all Pagans. Again, no one is required to attend these Gatherings if they feel uncomfortable or overexposed. We understand that coming out of the “Broom Closet” is a very personal thing and would never force anyone to expose themselves in such a way if they were not ready. Likewise, we ask that when discussing our Gatherings with someone who is not a member of Elemental Magick, to PLEASE not use members names as not everyone is ready for the World to know they follow the Sacred Path of the Goddess and God.

In these pages and at our Gatherings we share personal stories and thoughts, learn and practice the ancient ways of Herbs and Oils, and the importance of the Moon and other celestial bodies. Perhaps the most important and exciting activity is when we study, learn, write and actually perform Spells. We do spell work on a regular basis. Sometimes it is scheduled in while at other times it is spur of the moment.
Activities at the Gatherings include:
Crafting/Using various Magickal Tools including Wands, Besoms, Pendulums, etc.
Celebrating the Various Festivals of the Seasonal Wheel
Examining the Three faces of the Goddess and the God fits into our paths
Designing and developing a personal Book of Shadows/Grimoire
Write and Practice Spells
And much, much more!
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Real Spells - Spells are magical formulae designed to bring about specific results. Many of the discoveries of science are attributable to magical activities like for example alchemy and astrology. Our spells is an acquired art and talent. It is the practice of putting thought, emotion, and desire into form and action by our witches coven.

Witches Coven Spells - Spells: We have used our skills over the years to design more human-friendly systems of learning, creativity, psychology, healing and personal development which has kept us pretty busy.

Mystical Website Reviews - Welcome to our mystical reviews page! Where you can get information about all things magic and mystical. Our mystical reviews page will help guide you in the direction.

Online Website Reviews Spell Castings - Spell Castings: When we think of spell castings we typically think of, as the simple act of writing magic spells. Spell Casters say It Is actually very hard for most people to learn how to cast magic spells.

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