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Here are some special spells to keep the car of yours on the road. These are based on spells found in "The Old Girls' Book of Spells" by Cal Garrison (one of my favorite books). Make adjustments to these spells as necessary are practical. Your intent is very important BUT don't ignore the necessity of proper auto maintenance and caution when on the road.


Clean a quartz crystal in sea salt and water for twenty-four hours and charge it mentally with the intention for safety on the road. Include thoughts to the effect that there will be no accidents or mechanical difficulties of any kind and make your car immune to state cops, speed traps and traffic tickets. Keep in mind that a crystal can hold as many "programs" as it has facets, so don't load it up with too much information.

Store the crystal in a silver pouch and hang it from your rear view mirror or keep it in your glove compartment. Clean and recharge the crystal once a month at the Full Moon.

"RUNNING ON EMPTY" CHARM (make this up ahead of time and keep it in the glove box!)

You will need:

A piece of coal
3 small flat stones
A marker
A picture of a camel
A red velvet pouch

Draw these Rune Symbols on the flat stones: for Raido (an angular capital letter "R"), Eihwas (a straight up and down; on the top a line an angle going down to the right; at the bottom an angle line going up on the left) and Pertho (this on is to difficult to explain so please go to a "Regular Runic Symbol site and see how these are drawn).

Hold the stones in your left hand with the piece of coal and focus on the idea of the endless reserves of fuel in your gas tank. Wrap the stones inside the picture of the camel, place everything in the red pouch, and say these words aloud three times:

"My car knows how to make itself go,
There are reserves on which it can pull.
It matters not what the meter reads,
My gas tank is always full."

Write down these words on a piece of paper and slip it into the pouch. When you're running on empty, take the charm bag out of the glove compartment and recite the above spell out loud till you get to the gas station. The energy from the coal, the image of the camel, and the power of the runes in this charm will take the edge off your tension whenever you find yourself low on gas. Replace and renew the charm after each use.

KEEPING IT GOING (this is one of mine)

You will need:
A nut and bolt (small ones are fine and the don't have to match)
A piece of gum (chewed or unchewed, your choice)
A small piece of wire
A spring (like one out of a retractable pen)
A small piece of string or twine
A couple drops of oil (olive, canola or whatever you've got ~ it's a symbol!)
A little cinnamon (ground or whole)
A little clove (ground or whole)
Either a small bag OR a square of fabric large enough to hold all the above and a ribbon

Place the first 5 items in a bowl, add 2 or 3 drops of oil and a little cinnamon and clove. Mix oil and spices together with the items until all are coated. Place coated items into the bag. If using the fabric square, place items into it's center, draw up corners and tie with ribbon.

Place the bag in your dominant hand and repeat the following 3 times:

Nut and Bolt,
Spring, and Twine,
Gum, Oil and Wire,
Make my car run fine.
Make the engine work well;
It needs to pop!
Keep the tires inflated and
Make the brakes stop.
Allow me to be elated ~
Keeping all fours on the road
And Goddess, one last thing -
Please insure my mechanic
Is not a toad!!

Charge under a Full Moon.

Clean out the interior of your car AND KEEP IT CLEAN!!!! Place the bad of goodies under the driver's seat and place on top of the hood of your car or on your dash under the Full Moon each month to recharge it.


If you have a special car spell, PLEASE feel free to add it to this page!

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