Fire or Candle Scry

Fire or Candle Scrying

Fire Scrying is a very common method and requires only a flame of some sort. It's also one of the easiest methods as the flickering fire has a hypnotic effect. You can gaze into any fire - your lit fireplace, a bonfire, campfire, candle flame, or even a lighter.

When using candles, the type and color depends on what you are Scrying for. If doing spellwork, use the candle color, oils, herbs and sigils incorporated into the spell. Fire Scrying after spell casting adds a lot to the working energy by giving an added direction, understanding, and clarity.

If you are not doing spellwork, use a purple or white candle (white is appropriate for all types of candle work). You can burn or carve sigils into the candle for added strength and dress the candle with an oil that opens your third eye. The burning of an appropriate incense would also be very helpful.

The following chant will help open your mind for Fire Scrying:

Blazing fire as you dance,
Give me now the secret glance.
Call upon my second sight;
Make me psychic with your light.
Blazing fire shining bright,
Give me now the second sight.

Repeat until your eyelids grow heavy. Divine the future within the fire's restless flames.

Sit before the candle, as still as possible and stare into the flame. If you've been practicing your breathing exercises, you should fall into attunement with the flame in a short time. Quiet your mind, relax, and wait. If Scrying for a particular purpose, fix your mind gently on that while gazing.

The flickering flame is a great aid in getting into the proper trance state. You may or may not "see" scenes unfold like a movie while Scrying, some people get images - usually cryptic ones. Often while Scrying one gets images in their mind. Write down what you "see" in your journal. Don't add to it or try to decipher it as you write. Put down just what you "see", sense or "feel".

Often the strength of your desire to know the answer to your question will affect the speed, intensity and clarity of the answer you receive. Trust your subconscious because this is where your true natural abilities manifest. You may not even see anything in the Scrying tool, you may receive the answer to the question in your mind as if by telepathy, or the answer may come to you later, perhaps in a dream. The most important thing is to believe in yourself and your abilities - believe it will happen and if your intent and belief is strong enough, it will happen.

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