Jun 10, 09

Merry Meet, Brother and Sisters!

It has been a very eventful week for the Elemental Magick Group! We've had tons of fun and have enjoyed each others company immensely!!

I'd like to say a very special "Thank You" to Liz at "Northern Mountain Pagan Community" (NMPC) website. Besides being an extremely good friend that will always have my undying gratitude, Liz has made it possible for us to reach out to the larger Pagan Community and let them know what we are doing in our area! I am so happy and excited about the possibilities we now have to communicate to Witches and Pagans in Montana, Wyoming, Washington, Oregon and Canada! WOW!!! We hope you all enjoy what you see and join in the fun of our website with ideas for our Book of Shadows, the Frugal Witching and Barter pages, Poems & Personal Thoughts. Fly by any time and enjoy yourselves!! Of course, if you live in the local area, PLEASE come to one of our Summer Gatherings if you can. My contact info is below so give me a shout!

We want to welcome Skylar Sage to our group. She came to us through NMPC. We hope you enjoyed tonight's session. This was a pretty normal, crazy night for us so if you liked tonight, please come back again. Dragonbabyy was there this evening, so glad you came. We did miss Laura, hope everything's okay. We did hear from Soul Fairy this weekend. She and her Honey are doing well, taking care of some family obligations and doing some early summer camping (you lucky people). Our thoughts and prays are with you to enjoy yourselves and return to us safe and sound. I very happy to announce we have new Site members. Besides Skylar Sage, our new members are Misty Moon Dancer and Natures Wild Child. Welcome, welcome. We hope you enjoy your stay with us and, if at all possible, and you are in the area of Post Falls, Id, come and join us at a Wednesday Gathering in person!

This past Sunday, a group of us met at the Kootenai Co. Fair Grounds for the North Idaho Rock and Gem Show. It was a little smaller than usual (I've been going for 10 years or so) but the prices were fantastic!!!!! I think that everyone that wanted to purchase particular stones had a really good selection (don't know how much "price dickering" got done). I know I spent a pretty penny and came away with some beautiful stones! (By the way, if anyone is interested in the info from the guy that had the beautiful crystal ball, I've got it!!!). The displays were beautiful and the stone/beaded jewelery was out of sight, loved it! At lunch we talked about doing an outing to the Rock Ranch up on Mica Peak in Spokane Valley. (Debbie, one of the owners does that great stone/beaded jewelery). They've got a beautiful shop as well as doing all kinds of outings for groups. We'll be in contact with them very soon (tomorrow) to see about setting up some kind of outing for us. I'm really excited about this. If Sunday is any indication of the kind of fun we'll have on future outings, Oh Boy!

This evening was really exciting for me and I hope it was for the rest of you. This is a field I've been interested in for a very long time so doing the research was wonderful. We looked into GHOSTS, maybe looking into is the wrong term but we talked about Ghosts, lots of ghosts, the difference between Ghosts and Spirits; Ghosts and Balls of Energy (often referred to as poltergeists); and Nature Spirits (Fairies, Fey, Devas). Max will be loading the discussion sheets so you can make additional copies if you need them. Ghost are big energy absorbers so it's important to know how to figure out if you have one, how to figure out what you've got, how to talk to what you've got to get it's attention and how to tell it to where to go! That's the important part because the last thing you want hanging around your home is a ghost. By the way if you have one, you probably have two or three or more.

Hand-out 1) Ghosts & Spirits: explains the categories of ghosts and spirits and their differences (the Unknowing Deceased, the Protectors, Negative Ghosts, Shove-Ins or Push-Ins, Tag-a-longs or Cling-Ons, Sweet Spirits, Divine Spirits, and Ascended Masters). How to perform a Ghost Rescue and the different parts of a clearing. It can be tricky process. Just a reminder, NEVER COMMAND A GHOST to do anything, it can really make them angry and an angry or nasty ghost will fight you all the way. Be firm, polite and loving. Let them know you understand their desires but be firm with them. Ghost rescue is similar to deling with teenagers - there's a thaousand and one reasons for them not to do what you want them to do and you must stand fast to your one desire, they must go to the light! If you find you're having problems, call on they loved ones, your Spirit Guide/Guardian Angel or the Goddess herself. This is a very brief explanation from the hand-out, so please read it and as many books and websites that are dedicated to this topic before attempting this venture.

Hand-out 2) Do-It-Yourself Ghost Rescuing Instructions: a 1,2,3 guide on the procedures to actually Rescue/Clear those Ghosts!

Hand-out 3) Recognizing A "Shove-In": one of the types of ghosts that can be very detrimental to someone who have been taken over by a ghost. These are questions to answer if someone you know have been or begins to act in an unusual manner that is contradictory or harmful way.

We hope you all enjoyed tonight's information and some of you may find it useful, if not now, then in the future!

Next week's Gathering will again be at Max's wonderful home. We'll be celebration Summer Solstice with ritual and a special guided meditation to Stonehenge. Summer yummies are called for here. Fresh foods that would be found at this time of year, veggies and fruits and anything else that seems light and festive!

We discussed Gathering locations for the rest of the summer. Next week will be at Max's, then we'll schedule every other week at a Post Falls City or Post Falls Area Park. This will allow for Witches who would like to come but have children to attend Gatherings and still have activities for the youngsters (many of us are moms and grandmoms and understand how tough it is when you have little ones). We hope this arrangement will allow many of you to get to know us and maybe we'll be able to figure out something for the colder months. We don't want to leave anyone out!! On alternate weeks when we aren't at the Parks we'll be Gathering at local homes. This will allow us to toss in a craft once a month as well as working on our weekly topics! Hope more of you will be able to join us through out the summer. Keep an eye on the "Gathering Summaries" and you emails for locations. If you aren't currently registered as an Elemental Magic Member, please do so. That way you'll know where we'll be if there is a change.

This weekend is the BIG Liberty Lake Yard Sale Day over in Spokane Valley. Don't miss it!!!!!!! There are yard sales all over Liberty Lake, just turn off I-90 and follow the signs. Take you cash along and wear you most comfortable walking shoes. Go early for best selection, go later for best prices. The hours are from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Who knows what you'll find. Last year I found a beautiful milk glass lamp from the '60's for under $5. In years past Hubby's found a "Ping Putter" that usually sells for a couple hundred $ for $4 (can't beat that with a stick)! Plants, furniture, clothes of all kinds, books, music, moving sales, you name it, you'll probably find it. Lots of good "Witching" stuff and crafting supplies, too! You can go on line and download a map. Do a search for Liberty Lake Yard Sale and it should come up. Go and have lots of fun!!

Mark your July calendars. July 8th will be our "Dedication/Rededicating" Ceremony for anyone who has not dedicated to the Goddess or wishes to rededicate themselves. This should be a Park Location Gathering so we'll do our very best to find a really pretty place to hold it. July 22 will be the New Moon which definitely calls for something special. That's also a Park Location Gathering, hmmm, how many wonderful, beautiful places can we find for our Special Nights? The Coeur d'Alene Tribal Julyamsh Pow-Wow is scheduled for the weekend of July 24 - 26. I LOVE THE POW-WOW!!! This year I'm going to go on Friday evening and DANCE WITH THE INDIANS!!!!!!!! Is there anyone out there that's going to come with me?? Sure do hope so!?!?! If you've never been, this is proported to be the Largest Native American Gathering in the Hemisphere with tribes represented from the USA(including Alaska), Canada and Mexico. It's not uncommon to have Indians who have moved to Hawaii, Europe and Australia to come back to dance. Many Indians who are serving in the Armed Forces take their Leave Time to come back and be a part of this beautiful and moving weekend. The schedule hasn't been published yet (at least as far as I can find) but as soon as I can locate one I'll let you know! Great place for anything Indian Authentic from art to musical instruments and music itself. Did I mention I LOVE THE POW-WOW!! Hope to see you there!!

Last but not least, we have settled on a date for our Summer Picnic. Mark you calendar for August 2 (Lammas Weekend) at Noon. Location still to be set but we are looking for a location close to I-90 with easy access. It will be a Pot Luck affair, be sure to pack your own seating (chairs, blankets, whatever) because there's never enough seating in the park. We will give you more information in the up coming weeks. We'd really like to have as many Witches and Pagans from the Inland Empire, Montana and all points as possible. If you think you might be coming, please drop me a line here at the sight under "LazyWitch" or regular email me at janie_bass@yahoo.com. I'm hoping to get a tentative head count and the age range so I know if we need to plan things for youngsters to do! This picnic will come off even if I have to sit in park and eat by myself, so please plan on coming and joining me. I love company particularly if it's Witches and Pagans!!

That's about it for this week. Like I said, we've been very busy. One last personal item. I'd really like to thank all my Sisters and Brothers who have stood shoulder to shoulder with me this last week through some very hard times. You'll never know what your support has meant and continues to mean to me. I love you all!

See you next week!
Love & Blessings

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