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Wood Meanings in Magick
Acorns – Cones used on the tip of wand.
BriarRose, steep 2 teaspoons fresh or dried in 1 cup of water for clairvoyant dreams.
CedarHealing, longevity, purification, protection.
EbonyMagical power, protection.
Fern Burn inside the house for protection. Burn outside to produce rain.
HollyRepels negative spells sent against you.
MapleLove, money.
MistletoeHang for protection.
PineMoney, exorcism, healing.
RattanLuck, strength.
Solomon’s SealBurn as thanks to the elements.
Holy ThistleGrown in garden, keeps away thieves
WillowGreat tree to make a Wish under. Ask permission and explain your desire, then tie a knot and make a wish. When the wish is fulfilled, return and untie the knot. Give thanks and leave a gift.
Yew Wood/LeavesLay on grave of departed to remind the spirit only a pause before rebirth that death is
Trees’ branches good for wands: Birch, Hawthorne, Cedar, Hazel, Oak.

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